Mystery in a Blimp

Mystery in a Blimp

by Nathan Curnow

Bluestone Church Arts Space Footscray

23 March – 2 April 2023

Hershall wakes up on a blimp but nobody knows where they’re going or how they even got on board. In an ever-frustrating world where smooth landings seem impossible, Hershall must solve the nonsense of his fellow passengers. But what chance has he got? There’s Richard, the nerd, Veronica, the attractive actor, Nanna, whose lollies are laced with crack, and Tori who’s drugged up to the eyeballs. From Flashdance to Tarantino, Hitchcock to Petula Clark, this mystery won’t unravel without a deaf, German hostess, a deadly Sumatran typist and a finer appreciation for the ferocity of snapping turtles. Taking aim at actors, writers, directors, in fact everyone involved in fringe theatre, Mystery in a Blimp is a fast-paced crash and burn, a Hindenburg, a ridiculous detonation of silliness. So get your ticket, take your seat, for a buffeting voyage of big laughs, big song and bad mime, a joyride that’s gone completely wrong.

Produced by Carolyn Bock

Directed by Kevin Hopkins

Featuring Brian Davison, Helen Hopkins, Mia Landgren, Claire Nicholls, Gabriel Partington, Lachlan Watts, Cristina Wells

Publicity by Angela Buckingham

Design by Greg Carroll

Stage Management by Claire Shepherd